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About Jessica

USA Today bestselling author Jessica Wayne writes paranormal and fantasy romance. Readers rave over her bestselling Vampire Huntress Chronicles, and swoon over the anti-heroes of her Cambrexian Realm series.

She has written over forty books, and currently resides in Texas with her husband, homeschools her three kids, and spends her evenings watching re-runs of Big Bang Theory or New Girl.

She is also shamelessly obsessed with Hallmark Christmas movies and is a sucker for all things love.

  • Ken Thompson

    Jessica Wayne has risen to new heights with this smoking forbidden romance. Wayne is a top notch writer with excellent character development and world building skills with a sizzling imagination.

  • D.A. Frank

    Great writing, well-wrought characters, rather creative Fae world building and an engrossing storyline kept me reading through the agile twists and turns in Accidental Fae. Be happy there’s more to come!!

  • Kate

    This story is full of strong personalities, complex characters, and wonderfully flawed people. I love the fast action and simultaneously slow reveal of the characters’ past. Unlike a lot of stories, it has a more natural progression of emotions. Magic, shifters, vampires, and all the best tragically broken and rebuilt heroes.